Politicians are elected based on manifesto promises and re-elected by keeping promises and making life better for citizens. Long-term development success depends on implementing high quality national plans. National governments may also report on performance assessment frameworks and international standards such as the Sustainable Development Goals, Africa Agenda 2063, Paris Agreement commitments and Green Climate Fund requirements. By meeting the delivery needs of politics and service delivery, this solution is designed to create alignment and synergy in national development while helping to meet international reporting commitments.

A National Development Plan defines development objectives across Ministries, Departments, Local Governments and Agencies. Cost effective, efficient, effective implementation of the National Development Plan determines how the nation develops.

Presidential Delivery Units and other delivery focused institutions need effective tools to drive short-term and long-term results deep into the institutions of government. This solution provides an online platform and process to build implementation capacity of institutions, to make results accountable and to make plans easier to implement. Implementing this solution turns the National Development Plan, Medium Term Plans, Annual Development Plans and Performance Contracts into results that citizens can feel. The National Delivery System builds on the strengths of existing national and departmental systems such as Monitoring & Evaluation, Reporting, Performance Contract and Performance Management Systems.