‘Meshworking is one of the most hopeful innovations I have seen for dealing with the complex global challenges humanity is facing today. The combination of face-to-face collaboration processes with leading-edge online technology enables stakeholders to self-organize cross-sector rapidly and effectively for large-scale impact.’

Herman Wijffels, Professor of Sustainability and Social Change at Utrecht University, WorldConnector, Former CEO Rabobank, Chair of the Social and Economic Advisory Council to the Dutch Government and Dutch Director World Bank

"The meshwork process was facilitated by Morel Fourman of Gaiasoft and Lisette Schuitemaker of The Hague Center. They did a fantastic job in developing the engagement of the group, both as professionals and as parents, grand-parents and people wishing to see positive change.
Plan B is an action plan for ending severe poverty and reversing the deterioration of our planetary life support systems that could be implemented with revolutionary change to our current national and international structures and ways of doing business.
The event is being recognised by some of the leading pension fund managers and other stakeholders present as a milestone in linking the resources of pension funds to the needs of developing a green economy.
The meshwork approach was suitable to dealing with the complex systemic challenge of changing investment behaviour and was able to harness the diverse know-how, wisdom and intelligence of the people participating. Part of the meshwork facilitation is a mindset which recognises that many of the barriers to change can be addressed through combining the resources of different people and organisations."

Marcel de Berg, 21c

“In five hours, this achieved more than a three month study. Not only does this achieve more, it also engages the youth in implementation.”

ILO official commenting on youth meshwork process results for Youth Empowerment and Sustainability.

The Meshwork Process was developed in collaboration with Centre for Human Emergence Netherlands and the Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. A meshwork process creates breakthrough insight: an “earth from space” moment, when everyone in the room sees the whole, the system, of which they are a part. With a shared framework, people, knowledge and resources can self-organise to achieve a shared goal.