Gaiasoft’s unique knowledge platform solutions develop a “meshwork” of communities of practice, performance data and knowledge creating synergies and learning across projects, institutions and locations. A meshwork creates a high-performing knowledge ecosystem to fast track learning for achievement of an ambitious shared purpose.

A Meshwork Knowledge and Learning Platform facilitates creation of re-usable templated Knowledge Products which are efficiently rolled-out or mainstreamed using the platform. A Meshwork Knowledge Platform fast tracks innovation and spread of knowledge by facilitating the lifecycle from knowledge discovery to re-use and scale-up.

Suitable for implementation and knowledge sharing related to large, complex, multi-stakeholder programmes such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Paris Agreement and the Green Climate Fund.

Learn how the Urban Development Knowledge Platform enables City Networks to deliver their plans and learn from what works.
Learn about the role of cloud-based Knowledge Platform Standard and Infrastructure in filling the Evidence, Data and Knowledge Gap for cities.