Using this capability, implementation of global, national or city network policies and frameworks is achieved faster, better and cheaper using suitable knowledge products. This capability can be used to develop knowledge products suitable implementation and learning of SDGs, Climate Change Response, City Management, 100 Resilient Cities and cities networks.

A policy or plan is turned into a knowledge product for implementing the policy or plan. Policies and plans often fail due to lack of implementation, because the policy is too complex, or because implementers do not have the technical knowledge to deliver. This capability improves implementation, simplifies policies and plans for implementation using checklists and templates and improves the technical capacity of implementers through linked knowledge and e-learning. To develop an implementation template in a Gaiasoft platform, policy and plan M&E frameworks are enhanced to incorporate checklists and “maturity models” that capture how-to knowledge with links to related e-learning. This capability makes use of the MIDIR methodology.