A National Integrated Monitoring & Evaluation System provides bottom to top reporting in support of a national planning and reporting architecture. A NIMES uses a systematic approach to Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning (MEL) for all Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Local Governments and Regions. NIMES links the results of each entity to Medium Term Plans, Sector Plans, National Development Plans and National Vision. A NIMES can be used to streamline and integrate economic and development reporting speeding up and improving the quality of economic reporting and results reporting at all levels.

Analysis of private and public sector processes demonstrates that data collection is often inefficient, ineffective and time costly in professional time and delay. A NIMES implemented with the Gaiasoft platform and M&E capabilities provides real-time reporting, templated reports for different types of institution, automated aggregation and the ability to develop reports once, for example for a city, and use many times in many cities and nationally. A NIMES is likely to pay for itself many times through efficiency savings alone.

Gaiasoft’s NIMES Solution provides all of the benefits of the MIDIR methodology and provides a useful component of a National Delivery System.