Gaiasoft develops change templates and software products that empower people to work easily and collaboratively toward change that is positive, meaningful and enduring.

Gaiasoft solutions support effective, agile, synergistic organizations. Gaiasoft’s template-based approach fast-tracks innovation and ensures quality performance that has lasting impact. By leveraging patented capabilities, Gaiasoft applications enable rapid prototyping, testing and deployment of innovative solutions.

Gaiasoft’s purpose-focused product lines, each comprised of several task or user-specific applications, help organizations transition, operate and expand their work in new ways. These product lines address ‘Green’ transition, lasting and flourishing Resilience, organizational and operational Performance and Innovation that fosters breakthrough creativity, imagination and results.

Every Gaiasoft product includes capabilities to:

  • Align people and resources to support an organization’s goals with the individual experiences, skills, interests and values of its employees, members and colleagues.
  • Implement goals through accountability, measurement and action management.
  • Find quickly and easily, the most-relevant people, groups, ideas and other information and resources.
  • Collaborate and develop communities-of-interest so that effective engagement and appropriate exchange of ideas, opinions and knowledge can take place.
  • Share with others, in safe privacy or complete openness (depending on user preferences), any communications, information and materials.
  • Learn from and contribute to a library of the organization’s and the topic’s best practices.
  • Report and display the status of projects and goals from many ‘lenses’ or ‘perspectives.’
  • Evaluate the progress of any task based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Additionally, applications may incorporate more robust or customized analytical, data visualisation, collaboration and community-building capabilities.

Gaiasoft products are designed to support simple team effectiveness and large, complex projects and their diverse stakeholders. Our applications scale easily from the individual to team, to large system and global. Gaiasoft’s products and services are currently used in national, multi-national and cross-agency government and private enterprise projects.