To deliver on their objectives, public servants need the enabling conditions of motivation, accountability and recognition to develop, learn, thrive and deliver. Strong political or administrative leadership can use the Gaiasoft platform and processes to empower the committed while deterring corrupt practice. Integrity and anti-corruption initiatives can eliminate a large proportion of losses by highlighting non-performance and making losses due to corruption traceable and personally accountable.

Without clear accountability for results and traceability of resources, a large percentage of national budget can be lost without trace. Crucial infrastructure or public service projects may be caught in red-tape and bureaucracy as self-interested officials delay approvals or manipulate processes for personal benefit. While results are not delivered, it may not be possible to locate who was accountable, who was delivering and who was not. Without accountability, political and administrative leaders can be left powerless to drive results. This solution can be used to:

  • Deliver on political manifesto promises
  • Turn budgets and leadership commitment into results that citizens can feel
  • Reward and strengthen professionalism and public service values
  • Make each official personally accountable for results
  • Identify non-performing public servants and streamline public service employment to eliminate non-performers
  • Eliminate financial losses and delays due to corruption.

How can the project be self-financed?

By aligning and empowering public servants to deliver and eliminating delay and corruption, the Gaiasoft accountability platform delivers efficiency savings, magnifies results and can reduce leakages from national budget. Without accountability, a large percentage of national budget can be lost or wasted due to self-interest or corruption of a small number of officials. With good plans, accountability and alignment, national development accelerates.