Key People

Morel Fourman

Founder and CEO

Morel combines a deep understanding of personal and cultural transformation with a rigorous technical mind. For over 25 years he has designed, patented and led development of systems, software tools and environments that enable lasting and meaningful change. With David Reid, he co-founded all Gaiasoft companies. He holds BA (honours) and MA degrees in Engineering Science from Balliol College, Oxford University and an MSC in design of complex systems. Morel’s work and life reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on a global scale.

David Reid

Founder and Director

David provides technical design to support Morel Fourman’s visions and projects. David and Morel have been working together for over twenty-five years since they met as students at Oxford in the early 1980s. David is the design architect and development lead for all Gaiasoft software offers. He is responsible for creating innovative, commercial-quality, global scale solutions. David holds BA (honors) and MA degrees in Engineering Science from Balliol College, Oxford.

Chris Reynolds

Product Manager

Chris manages the customer implementation aspects of Gaiasoft products, coordinating consulting and delivery colleagues internationally.  Chris trains and provides expert support to consulting colleagues in the delivery of Gaiasoft solutions. He has supported Gaiasoft’s business and government clients for over fifteen years. Previously Chris spent ten years in quality management for a global telecommunications services provider. Chris is a qualified Quality Auditor (British Standards Institute) for ISO9000.

Creative Communications and Instructional Design

Gaiasoft’s multidisciplinary creative communications and instructional design team works together across three continents, bringing together diverse knowledge and practical skills.  The team has expert knowledge and experience in visual communications, data visualisation, instructional design, animation and behavioural science.  Together the team delivers coherent multi-channel knowledge products and tools suitable for different roles, cultures and learning styles.

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