Performance Management is the process whereby plans are turned into results. This capability makes use of Real-time M&E, Dashboards and Infographics. This capability can be used to deliver performance management templates as knowledge products for scale-up of what works. The Performance Management capability is at the core of Gaiasoft solutions including National Delivery, Knowledge Platforms and Integrity and Accountability. Gaiasoft’s Performance Management platform and process capabilities have been developed over 15 years of implementing some of the largest performance management and balanced scorecard systems globally.

Performance management systems typically break down an achievement or change objective into a hierarchy of success factors and indicators. Each performance indicator has an accountable owner, responsible for delivering and reporting achievement. Where there is a gap between intended performance and actual results, corrective actions may be defined and managed to respond to the gap. The difference between performance management and M&E is that performance management includes defining actions to improve and impact what is measured. Improvement actions are recorded, tracked and reported through a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.