Gaiasoft is committed to providing transformational solutions for large enterprises, cities, governments and institutions. We believe that technology can unlock the speed and scale of change that is needed to meet global challenges. We hold ourselves accountable to be trustworthy, compassionate and respectful. Gaiasoft operates by these principles.

Making a difference – Gaiasoft is a purpose driven company.  We are committed to making a positive contribution through what we do whether paid or pro bono.  This is the energising shared passion of all of our team and partners.
On a scale that matters  - we are committed to making a difference on a scale that matters.  We will always ask: “how can we work with you to change the trajectory for good?”
Win-win partnerships – we work together with our customers and partners to deliver more for stakeholders and for the larger system.
Motivations – we clarify why a person or organisation wants to engage so as to align energies for maximum synergy and effectiveness.  We deliver value by paying careful attention to the “political economy.”
Relationships – we build trust in the relationship through principled work.
Focus – we start small, building a track-record of high performance through focused delivery of achievable “low-hanging-fruit” tasks that meet shared objectives.
Create value – we use agile methods to deliver interim project steps that create value.