Enabling Impact at Scale

Gaiasoft works with consultancies, governments and global agencies to deliver policies and plans through thought leadership, innovation, implementation support and configurable platforms

Cities Alliance uses Gaiasoft for the Future Cities Africa Knowledge Platform

Cities Alliance, a part of UNOPS, uses Gaiasoft’s platform and process for knowledge sharing and learning, resulting in simplified programme oversight, better evidence, faster decision making, cost savings and scalable knowledge products.

DFID’s International Climate Fund uses Gaiasoft for Knowledge and Learning Platform

UK Department for International Development uses Gaiasoft platform to improve climate finance results reporting, knowledge sharing, analysis and learning from the £3.87 billion International Climate Fund.  Improved reporting includes climate finance Infographics for demonstrating spend and impact.

Plan & Policy Implementation

Ensure that policies and programmes are successfully implemented. Make programmes implementation-ready using MIDIR Methodology. Implement using Gaiasoft platform with Real-time M&E and in-course correction based on results.

Programme Learning

Learn from every objective implemented, every activity and every report collected. Programmes and policies learn and improve fast based on evidence: through careful information design, good process and the Gaiasoft Knowledge Platform.  Knowledge Products support multiple learner roles and profiles.

Large Scale Capacity Building

Build capacity on a massive scale using checklists, maturity models and Knowledge Products. Knowledge Products simplify the work. Programme implementers learn on the job through progressive elearnings. Programme designers receive feedback to improve policy based on evidence.

Meshwork Event Process — for learning and aligning

The Meshwork Process was developed by Gaiasoft in collaboration with Centre for Human Emergence Netherlands and the Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. A Meshwork Learning Process expands ambition beyond what is expected to consider what is needed.  A Meshwork Learning process creates breakthrough insight: an “earth from space” moment, when everyone “in the room” sees the whole, the system, of which they are a part. With a shared framework, people, knowledge and resources can self-organise to achieve a shared goal.

Gaiasoft for Value for Money, Speed and Scale in Meeting Global Needs

Climate change, resilience, economic development, urbanization and migration: every agency and government has its challenges. Work with Gaiasoft to achieve much more with much less. The need for effective practitioners and consultants is outstripping demand: there are simply not enough experts available. How can more be achieved by fewer people at less cost?

Consultancies, governments and agencies turn to Gaiasoft for a breakthrough in value for money: reducing cost of programme management, improving speed of learning and speed of implementation.

A volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

In a dynamic and changing world, policies, programmes and institutions must adapt and learn in real time to be relevant. Use Gaiasoft tools to implement programmes faster, to higher quality and scale with lower risk. Technology-based delivery achieves greater impact at a fraction of the cost – with real-time results reporting for peace of mind. Gaiasoft’s tools can be quickly and flexibly configured to meet the needs of any large scale programme.

Global institutions, consultants, national governments and cities around the globe trust Gaiasoft to support their implementation, learning and capacity building goals.

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